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Who we are!

The Bazaar Network is a growing community of Ecommerce professionals who are seeking an online environment in which they can learn from and support each other. Most importantly, we are here to help build the online shopping industry together.

Ecommerce has grown to be the Trillion-dollar industry it is for a reason. The Convenience of shopping and working online has allowed millions of entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity of building a disruptive new industry and work on their terms.

Ecommerce has completely changed the workforce for entrepreneurs and has allowed those who don’t enjoy their boring 9-5 job to quit the job; a struggling household to bring in a second revenue stream to make life easier; a struggling Veteran to work from home or a stay-at-home parent to create an income from their laptop. It’s these business owners that make up The Bazaar Network.

Through industry wide benefits, online shopping discounts, and bringing high quality traffic to your small business, The Bazaar Network offers every partner a real world monetary incentive for working in Ecommerce.

We have brought the passion, sense of unity, and drive of Ecommerce entrepreneurs, and given everyone the benefits, discounts, and community of traditional brick-and-mortar retail – And there’s no simpler or cheaper way to get such amazing value. We guarantee it.

Join us, as we revolutionise Ecommerce and make it easier to succeed as a small business owner. No matter your age, history, living situation, financial situation, or any other variable that has stopped you before - You deserve the help and benefits of an industry that is constantly evolving to make things easier for everyone involved. It’s that simple.

Matthew Bovey
Founder & CEO

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Meet the team!

Who made it possible


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Matthew Bovey

Founder of Bazaar

About Matthew!

My name is Matthew Bovey, and I grew up in Australia, all along the East Coast. I completed a marketing degree after studying at La Trobe University in Melbourne. I then got a job in Dubai, working in the financial services industry. but I didn't like it! However, the silver lining was, I realised just how important Ecommerce is to different cultures, and areas around the world. This led me to relocate to Canada, the home of Shopify, to start my journey in to Ecommerce.

After countless days and nights studying the different platforms, it hit me one night! And I wondered Why can’t all my clients receive discounts at my other client’s online stores? Six months later, my amazing team and I launched The Bazaar Network.

I want to help the new wave of entrepreneurs turn their passions into businesses they are proud of, sustainable, and are incredibly profitable!


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Talha Mehmood

Lead Developer

About Talha!

Hi there! I’m Talha, the lead developer at The Bazaar Network. I’ve been here from the beginning, and couldn’t be happier with what we are creating - let me tell you why.

Since I was a child, I have loved computers. I essentially lived and breathed them growing up. This led to me completing my Bachelors degree in computer sciences, a natural step for my passion. Fortunately, my passion for soccer works as a great balance to tech/Esports!

I’m always looking for innovative ways to expand our benefits for users, so if anyone has any great ideas, please chat with us. We are a very approachable team and would love any input!


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Farooq Mian

UI/UX Designer & Developer

About Farooq!

My name is Farooq Mian, I have completed my Bachelors degree in computer science Pak-Aims University Lahore.
From an early age I became interested in graphics which led me to a part time job as a print media designer. I now have 5+ years experience in print media and 2+ years experience in UI/UX [Web and Mobile Applications].

My education, background and UI design training has helped me to enhance my skills by doing UI development. It has been great fun and I am proud to be part of the Bazaar Network team.


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